Developing competent and confident people leaders across Canada

On your journey to be a Mindful Leader, you’ll receive the skills to address workplace issues more effectively. We’ll make you an asset to any organization who values the psychological health and safety of their staff.

As a not-for-profit, we’re able to offer each module for only $600 per registration! 

A certification program to advance psychologically safe work

By becoming a Mindful Leader, you will be joining an elite group of people leaders who are confident and competent to address workplace issues in a psychologically safe way. You will have the tools and strategies to support staff and improve psychological health and safety within your organization. Leaders with these skills will become more and more sought after as organizations strive to meet the requirements of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Your journey to certification

We use the word journey, because that’s exactly what it will be. When developing this program, we were very mindful (pun intended) that only people leaders who were passionate about supporting staff and making workplace mental health a priority are given the Mindful Leader certification.

The Mindful Leader program consists of 6 full-day workshops that require both pre-work and post-work. Anyone can participate in the workshops, but only those who satisfactorily complete all of the pre-work and post-work, will be able to earn the Mindful Leader certification. Certification includes the right to use the Mindful Leader digital badge which you can add to your email signature or include on your resume, CV or biography.

Individuals need to achieve the following within a three-year period to achieve Mindful Leader certification:

  • Pre-survey for each Mindful Leader module (approximately 2 minutes)
  • Review of resources prior to attending in-class module (approximately 1-2 hours)
  • In-Class completion of each Mindful Leader modules (approximately 8 hours)
  • Post-survey regarding in-class experience (approximately 5 minutes)
  • Case study quiz that has a 100% pass rate (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Application of knowledge for each module with at least 3 individuals (approximately 3-5 hours). With each application you submit, you will be evaluated on how you apply what you have learned in the relevant module and if you supported the employees psychological health and safety while demonstrating your knowledge.

Not quite ready to join the Mindful Leader squad?

Not a problem. If you’re interested in just a couple of the modules, we’re still going to let you register for in-class modules. We want to help people leaders across the nation support psychologically safe work regardless of whether they are planning on achieving certification.

Pssssssssst, you’ll still have access to all the pre-work and post-work if you decide to start your journey towards certification later. We’ll even give you three years from your first in-class session to do so.