Frequently Asked Questions

How could achieving Mindful Leader certification benefit me?

By becoming a Mindful Leader, you will be joining an elite group of people leaders who are confident and competent to address workplace issues in a psychologically safe way. You will have the tools and strategies to support staff and improve psychological health and safety within your organization. Leaders with these skills will become more and more sought after as organizations strive to meet the requirements of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. This can be a benefit to you within your existing role and for any future career aspirations.

What are the steps to achieve certification?

Individuals need to achieve the following within a three-year period to achieve Mindful Leader certification:

  • Pre-survey for each Mindful Leader module (approximately 2 minutes)
  • Review of resources prior to attending in-class module (approximately 1-2 hours)
  • In-Class completion of each Mindful Leader modules (approximately 8 hours)
  • Post-survey regarding in-class experience (approximately 5 minutes)
  • Case study quiz that has a 100% pass rate (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Application of knowledge for each module with at least 3 individuals (approximately 3-5 hours). With each application you submit, you will be evaluated on how you apply what you have learned in the relevant module and if you supported the employees psychological health and safety while demonstrating your knowledge.

Post-work is mandatory for those seeking Mindful Leader certification, and optional for those who just want to participate in the workshops.

What are my requirements after achieving the Mindful Leader certification?

Within 12 months from the date of certification, to continue to use Mindful Leader, you must:

  1. Remain an active participant in the Mindful Employer Canada community of practice. This can include any one of the following each year:
    1. Participate in one or more Mindful Employer webinars or educational events
    2. Provide mentoring to aspiring Mindful Leaders through the Mindful Employer community
    3. Contribute as a participant in a Mindful Employer Advisory Group
    4. Take a refresher course (a session specifically for Mindful Leaders)
  2. Honour the intentions of the Mindful Leader Creed to support employees in a psychologically safe way.