We developed the Mindful Leader certification program to support changed behaviours by using hands-on learning. That’s why at least 50% of each in-class module involves participants applying what they’ve learned.

Why? Because we want to build your confidence and make sure any challenges or questions are addressed by the facilitator immediately. This means when you leave that day, you’ll have the knowledge and application to start implementing what you’ve learned immediately.

Although, we don’t recommend trying to implement everything you’ve learned all at once. That could be bad for your mental health.

Select one of the modules below and register to join us for an event. You can start by registering for Foundations for Mindful Leadership. It’s a prerequisite for all other modules because, you guessed it, it lays a foundation to build from!


The Foundations for Mindful Leadership module delivered practical, no-nonsense advice about how to manage difficult conversations at work, shared in useful tools to direct conversations productively and respectfully.

Keri Alletson, Independent Professional

The Mindful Leader series was an eye opener. The workplace doesn’t have to be black and white and we, as employees or people leaders, do not need to be fearful of situations that may be out of our comfort zone.

With the elements and foundations taught to me in Mindful Leader, I now know better how to take my time, open my eyes and see the whole picture instead of shying away from it. Through team activities, break out groups, and one-on-one time with the instructor – I was able to better develop skills and actually apply them.

Personally, I could not have asked for a better opportunity. For people who manage 1 to millions, Mindful Leader is an opportunity to learn that should not be missed.

Karen Quero, Program Coordinator

What I valued most about the Mindful Leader certification program was the guidance for practical tools. I also valued hearing at the beginning of each session what each attendee was hoping to learn from the session. Hearing what other people had in mind, helped me think about different perspectives during the modules. I also valued how the content was relevant with, and reflected, the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. I felt a step towards more knowledge and confidence with The Standard, because of the modules.

Nathan Kolar, Corporate Wellness Consultant

The structure of the Mindful Leader certification program was different than what I am used to. By completing the pre-work in preparation for the ‘’in-class’’ module, I was able to have a more in-depth comprehension of the different topics that would be covered in the module. This provided time to have group discussions on what it is to be a mindful leader, how to create a safe working environment, and how best practices can effectively be used in managing work place issues.

The post-session work that’s required to get the certification and maintain it, reinforces the importance for the participant to be fully knowledgeable and demonstrative of the qualities of a mindful leader.

Diane Miller-Bourdon, Workplace Mental Health Consultant

What I valued most about the Mindful Leader certification program was the group interactions and the ability to focus on the underlying factors (which can often be very difficult to identify). The program is solutions based which is crucial in my opinion, especially when dealing with confrontation and difficult situations.