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Foundations for Mindful Leadership

In this module, participants will consider what it is to be a Mindful Leader and how they can have a positive impact on the psychological health and safety of their organization and staff.

Participants will learn the three questions they can ask a staff member when trying to manage performance, conflict, or accommodation. Remember, this isn’t a lecture, so after they understand the questions, they’ll apply them. This way we can ensure we address all challenges and questions in class.

Later in the day, participants will learn to build a plan to address current or potential life stressors. They’ll identify these stressors, how they react to them, strategies they can use to build resilience against adversity, and finally they’ll consider strategies to address a current stressor. By having each participant complete their own plan, they’ll be able to confidently support their staff to develop one as well.

Remember, this module is a pre-requisite for all others because the tools you’ll learn today will be reflected in the others.